Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look below for answers to some frequently asked questions.


What kinds of clients have you worked with? 

I have worked with a variety of design clients, such as Canada Sevens (a world-cup type rugby event), SFU Camps, and even an Olympian! Aside from that, I have worked with a variety of awesome and passionate clients in various fields, ranging from fitness, architecture, education, interior design, and more.

Many of my clients are small business owners and individuals, and the majority of them are recurring clients who I have worked with for several years. Relationship building is one of my favourite aspects of being a freelance designer!

Can we hire you as a designer on retainer?

If we’re a good fit, this is definitely a possibility! Please get in touch with me to discuss your design needs.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, I require a 50% deposit before the start of a project. This allows me to have ease of mind when working with clients, and lets me know that you're serious about building something together.

Can you train me on how to use Squarespace after the launch of my new website?

Yes! All of my Squarespace design packages come with a one hour session on how to use the Squarespace platform to edit content and maintain your website. Power to the people!

Can you tell me a little bit more about your Squarespace website design process?

For sure! Read all about it here.